Tips for playing Capsa Susun so you don’t lose

so that you don’t lose in playing the capsa susun game online, players should know ways to win the game lightly. According to various sources of players who play capsa, this game is almost the same as poker88.

Because players who repeatedly play poker, it will be so light when playing capsa susun. In order to win the capsa game lightly, players must take tips to win the game lightly. Read the conversation below.

1. Pay attention to the cards in the online stacking capsa
To be able to win the online capsa stacking game, players should be able to make the 13 cards distributed by the dealer. The card scheme has 3 cards on the top with the lowest value, then 5 cards in the middle with high added value from the top, and there are 5 cards on the bottom side with the highest value from the initial card value.
Apart from that, understand a number of card combinations in this online capsa stacking game, so that you can get lighter wins. A combination that is done with the 13 cards that the player has, and which will give the player a win. The cards are Dragon, Royal flush, Straight flush, 4 of a kind, Full house, Flush, Straight, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, 1 pair, and High hand.
By having a combination of cards with the highest value, you will win the online capsa stacking game. Therefore, understand the game properly and well. So that the game can be done smoothly, then you can benefit lightly.

2. Use concentration well
To play capsa stacking online, you should use good concentration. By playing the game in concentration you can make cards well, so you can get a card value in such a high number. That way you can get bigger profits, a combination of cards with large values ​​is indeed difficult to obtain. But with concentration you can get it lightly. Apart from that, so you can concentrate more in the game, so do this game in a quiet or calm place. So that you don’t get disturbed by other matters, then your memory will always concentrate on the game.

3. Use Capital Well
To play capsa stacking bets online, you should first control your finances. This matter is to be free from defeat, which maybe you can feel when playing capsa gambling. Therefore manage and use capital properly, and do not take advantage of capital by betting randomly. So that your capital continues to be safe and does not suffer any further losses.

4. Move tables in the game
By playing Capsa Susun online, where you will only meet many players via cellphones that are used only. Therefore you can get an advantage by changing tables in the game, to get even more profits.

5. Learn the Nature of the Enemy
After implementing several systems that we will also bring to the table, therefore the winning technique to play capsa then monitors the play scheme and the nature of your enemy. This one tactic is most important to practice in order to get an advantage in playing. Investigate the play scheme, what is your enemy, namely the player model who plays with the buffling system (bullying the enemy) or the player who uses the safety play system. If you already understand the enemy’s playing scheme and the nature of play, then arrange tips to beat your enemy.

6. Set a Victory Goal
The first trick that can be done to get a win is to provide a winning goal, in some types of online gambling games that are usually played, of course, you have to provide goals that are so cooked, indeed this is very much needed so you can calculate how much wins and losses are in in play. The special purpose for you in providing goals is to increase motivation to fulfill goals when playing this capsa susun game.

7. Have Tough Tips
Before playing, pay attention and have the right and tough tips for defeating all enemy players, because learning the right strategies will allow us to play beautifully. according to other games that require tips, if today you have good tips then you will win. but if you don’t have good tips, the chances of losing will last and it’s better to take a break to play the next day.

Although it seems complicated, in principle this online capsa susun gambling game is easy to win. As long as you know and apply the points above. Enough of meeting this opportunity. Likewise and good luck.